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Anti-Bullying Alliance Membership (Associate)

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Anti-Bullying Alliance Membership (Associate)

Associate membership is open to organisations and individuals that are in support of ABA's values.

Associate Members:

  • agree with ABA's values
  • support and promote anti-bullying messages in their day to day work

Associate Members receive the following benefits:

  • use of the ABA Associate Member logo
  • monthly ABA e-bulletins that include information on our work, the latest bullying news, research and resources, training and events, anti-bullying policy/legislation etc.
  • invitations to attend quarterly ABA member meetings and conferences, with valuable networking opportunities
  • having your organisation listed on our website, with logo, description and a link through to your own website

Associate membership costs £60 (+VAT) per year. Once your payment has been received we will contact you with a welcome pack. 

Please note: If your remit has a substantial focus on delivering projects and programmes that aim to reduce the incidence of bullying and create safer environments for children and young people you might want to consider becoming a Core Member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance. 

for more info, contact: