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Organisational membership (large)

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Organisational membership (large)

Who can join?

CBN welcomes membership from all professionals working with or for bereaved children. Current CBN members include organisations such as hospices, schools, charities and training groups, and individuals such as social workers, faith leaders, funeral directors, teachers, counsellors and researchers.

Benefits of membership

By joining CBN, you can be involved in our campaigning to ensure that all children can access the help they need to manage the impact of death on their lives.

Within CBN, you can work in partnership with other members to create a resource across the UK for bereaved children, achieve consensus on key issues, and improve practice and network with colleagues.

Other benefits include:

  • CBN new members' pack
  • A regular roundup of news, training opportunities, funding, resources and policy in the CBN email bulletin
  • Discounts on CBN resources including postcards and films
  • For organisational members, licence to use the Child Bereavement Service Questionnaires to evaluate your work.

Large organisational membership is for organisations with a turnover of £50,000 or over. If your turnover is under £50,000, please click here.